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fix(config): prevent unwanted garbage collection
unfortunatelly, how, why that is happening, i don't still know. but using Object.create at that point cause 'namespace' to get garbage collected which leads to missing defaults when overwriting a namespace setting later.
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doktordirk committed Aug 5, 2016
1 parent 6b89858 commit 3d38d6f874e43354b2e7d4a6b29e7874631bae6d
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  1. +3 −4 src/config.js
@@ -40,11 +40,10 @@ export class Config {
* @returns {Config}
configureNamespace(name, configs = {map: {}}) {
let namespace = Object.create(this.fetch(name));
let config = {[name]: namespace};

let namespace = this.fetch(name);
extend(true, namespace, configs);

this.configure({[name]: namespace});

return this;

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