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Flipped: The SiD flip-book tool

Flipped is a tool for the game, Sleep is Death, aiming at improving the viewing of, and enabling simple editing of, flip-book folders generated by the game.

Key usage

  • Merging of flip-books, when a game has been stopped and started, due to an intentional or accidental disconnection.
  • Removal of dead frames generated while “pausing” the game (e.g. taking a quick loo break while leaving the game running).
  • Viewing flip-books in continual slide-show mode.

Current version is v0.2.0

DOWNLOAD flipped v0.2.0

  • Runs with Windows/Linux/OS X.
  • Much improved/fixed GUI.

For users.

Full user documentation can be found in the readme file.

Download the latest release. Includes both sources that can be run on any machine (but requires the installation of the Ruby interpreter) and a standalone Windows executable that has no dependencies.

Discuss at SiD Stories forum.

For developers

Full developer documentation in the rdoc documentation. Alternatively, generate rdoc (rake rdoc) to get the developer documentation for the version of the sources that you have.

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