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Releasy Change Log

Next release

  • Project#file and Project#exposed_files no longer require the argument to be an array (can take multiple arguments instead).
  • Handles 7-ZIP not being found better (always gives error message).


  • Added new deployers: :rsync and :local
  • Removed 7z installation dependency on Windows (included 7za.exe in gem).
  • Fixes for Ruby 1.8.7
  • :osx_app build - Change directory into application directory before running app.
  • :osx_app build - Add BINARY to list of "fake" encodings.


  • Name changed from "relapse" to "releasy" because of universal dislike and/or confusion about it :)
  • Warning: API changed significantly from v0.1.0 because it was dreadful :D
  • Allowed outputs to be configured separately from the project.
  • Included gems in osx-app more safely, so that no files will be missing.
  • Added :exe archive format (Windows self-extractor, used on any OS).
  • Added :dmg archive format (OS X self-extractor, used on OS X only).
  • Added :windows_wrapped output (windows folder made from a RubyInstaller archive, used on OSX/Linux).
  • Allowed project and outputs to have archive formats (when called on Project, affecting all outputs).
  • Archive formats can have a different #extension set.
  • Output formats can have a different #folder_suffix set.
  • No longer require Innosetup to be installed in order to create :windows_folder output.
  • Added command, 'releasy install-sfx' that installs the self-extractor package for 7z, to enable :exe archiving (non-Windows only).
  • Lots of other things fixes, refactors and additions, that I lost track of :$


  • First public release as "relapse"
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