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OSX app builder requires 7z in Windows #28

Billiam opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Attempting to build:osx:app in windows fails at the 7 zip command. osx_app.rb is using execute_command(7z) instead of newer #seven_zip_command, and failing.

Adding 7z to the path in windows caused an invalid command line error form 7z. Seems to be related to the redirect-and-pipe, but not sure.

Updating the command to use releasy's 7za.exe did allow the build to process correctly.

@Spooner Spooner was assigned

Also happens in windows_wrapped.rb:117 in the current releasy gem.


Thanks for this. I'm afraid I didn't have access to a computer when Billiam submitted this and then forgot about it when I fixed mine again. Sorry for not dealing with this sooner.

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