Wrath: Appease or Die! --- Sacrifice everything that isn't nailed down, to appease the angry gods (Game using Gosu)
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Wrath: Appease or Die!


Wrath: Appease or Die! is a retro 2.5D game in which both players must make sacrifices and mayhem in order to appease the gods.



If running wrath.exe, there are no other requirements.


If running OS X 10.6, use the executable (Wrath.app), which has no dependencies. If not, the only option is running from source (details below).

Source for Linux (or Windows/OS X if not using the executable)

If running from source, users must install the Ruby interpreter and some rubygems. Linux users must also install some extra dependencies for Gosu.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 (Install via package manager or rvm)
    • Gosu gem 0.7.32 (Dependencies: Linux only)
    • A number of other rubygems, which can be installed automatically using Bundler (see below).
    • Linux Only: xsel or xcopy command to allow access to the system clipboard:
          sudo apt-get install xsel

Using Bundler to install gems

If the Bundler gem isn’t already installed, that can be installed with:

    gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc

In the game’s main directory (with Gemfile in it), use Bundler to automatically install the correct gem versions:

    bundle install

Running the game

May need to use ruby19 rather than ruby. Depends how you installed Ruby 1.9.2!

    ruby bin/wrath.rbw

How to Play

On each level, the players (priests) have to attempt to sacrifice animals, people or treasures on the altar, in order to appease the gods and avoid the worst of their wrath. From sacrifice, the player gains holy favour (white bar) and the first to achieve a given level of favour wins. A priest also must avoid being killed. Losing all your health (red bar) will lead to losing the game.

Priests can move using 4 directional keys and and also perform an action. An action can be pick up, throw, sacrifice, use A on B, etc., depending on context and is initiated using a single key. Controls can be configured in Options→Controls.

2 players sharing a keyboard

Player 1 controls the priest on the left-hand side. Player 2 controls the priest on the right-hand side.

  • Player 1 controls: WASD + Space
  • Player 2 controls: Arrow keys + RightShift

Note: The game only supports a single gamepad, so only one of the players may use one at a time. Enable this in Options→Controls.

2 players connected over the Internet/LAN

The host will need to ensure that the port (which can be configured) is open in their router if playing across the Internet. If this is not possible, it is recommended using something like Hamachi 2 to avoid this.

Host controls the left-hand priest. Client controls the right-hand priest.

  • Player controls: WASD + Space

User settings

Wrath saves per-user settings in the ~/.wrath_spooner folder (This is probably C:\Users\MyUsername\.wrath_spooner\ on Windows). If you have problems, deleting this folder will return you to default settings.


Many thanks to:

  • SiliconEidolon for the initial brainstorming session that gave birth to the game.
  • Spiderspit, SiliconEidolon, Ippa, Myx, Spaz, mathias_, jlnr, Dahrkael_ Pie, and Banisterfiend for play-testing and suggestions.
  • Members of TIGSource who gave feedback in the the Wrath topic.
  • Ippa for code snippets I stole; I mean, was given :)
  • jlnr for making the OS X executable package (and putting up with helping me build it on Linux!).

Third party tools and assets used

  • Original music by Maverick. CC BY-SA
  • Most sprites were made by Oryx (or adapted from his work) from his LOFI Sprite Pack. CC BY-NC-ND
  • Original sprites created with GIMP
  • Sound effects created using bfxr and converted using Audacity
  • 04FONT font – Copyright 1998-2003 Yuji Oshihoto
  • Gosu game development library
  • Chingu game library (extending Gosu)
  • Fidgit gui library (extending Chingu)
  • Texplay image manipulation library for Gosu.
  • Chipmunk 2D physics library
  • R18n i18n library