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The CSS package provides tools to integrate CSS preprocessors into a ZF2 application. It includes compiler classes for Stylus, Less, Sass and is extendible to support addition preprocessors. It also includes an event listen to trigger updating CSS files automatically.



Compiler instances can easily be created and configured via a Service Manager and application configuration. The Spork Module configuration sets up services for each compiler class by default.


	'service_manager' => array(
		'factories' => array(
			'cssLess' => 'Spork\CSS\Less',
			'cssSass' => 'Spork\CSS\Sass',
			'cssStylus' => 'Spork\CSS\Stylus',

Each compiler instance created by the Service Manager looks for configuration options in the application configuration.

Sample configuration

	'css-stylus' => array(
		'arguments' => array(),
		'cache' => CACHE_SERVICE_NAME,
		'compiler' => PATH_TO_EXECUTABLE,
		'compress' => TRUE | FALSE,
		'extensions' => array('styl'),
		'includes' => array(PATH_TO_INCLUDE, ...),
	'css-less' => array(
	'css-sass' => array(


The compile() function converts source files into CSS

public function compile($source, $destination = null, $include = null)

$source specifies the source file or directory path to process

$destination specifies the target file or directory. If $source is a directory destination must also be a directory. Source and destination can be the same directory. If no destination is specified the CSS code is returned as a string.

$include specifies directory(s) to search for include files


The compiler will cache results when returning CSS as a string automatically when a cache has been configured. This is most useful when used with the CSS View Helpers.

To configure a cache include the service name of an Zend\Cache\Storage\Adapter\AbstractAdapter instance in the compilers configuration. See example above. You can also enable caching by calling the setCache() function.


  • Cache has no effect when a destination file or directory is specified.
  • The cache will not refresh automatically when the source is updated and must be flushed.


Compiler classes extend AbstractCompiler and must implement the abstract function getCommandArguments() which takes the compiler options and creates command line arguments.

Event Listener

The UpdateListener class is an event listener which checks source files and updates the CSS when it is out of date.


Warning It is not recommended to use the update listen on production environments. An easy way to setup the listener in the development environment is to put the configuration in the application's local configuration file.

Sample Configuration

	'css-update' => array(
		'compiler' => 'cssStylus',
		'builds' => array(
				'source' => 'path/to/source',
				'destination' => 'path/to/destination',
				'includes' => array('path/to/include') // optional
				'compress' => true // optional
	'service_manager' => array(
		'invokables' => array(
			'cssStylus' => 'Spork\CSS\Stylus',
			'cssUpdateListener' => 'Spork\CSS\UpdateListener', 
	'listeners' => array(