A Radiator View written in PHP Primarily for Jenkins CI
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BigBoard CI display

by Spot Specific

A fork of the excellent Buildiator by Jake Worrell.

Set Up Instructions

You Will Need

  • A web server running PHP 5.3 (others may work, but not tested).
  • A Jenkins CI Server (unless you want to add support for a different one).
  • A web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended - others not tested).

What To Do

  1. Clone or download the source, stick it in a web directory.
  2. Update getBuilds.php to point to your Jenkins CI server. If it is the same box on the default port of 8080 you can probably skip this step.
  3. Browse to your new installation.
  4. Hope it works. If you are using a browser that I haven't specified above let me know if it works or not.