A set of resources to build a complete geolocation app with Spot Specific's mobile app authoring tools. Designed to be used in conjunction with the corresponding screencast.
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You Are Here app resources

©2012 Spot Specific Ltd.

What is the 'You Are Here' app?

The 'You Are Here' app is a simple demonstration of how to build a geolocating mobile app using the Spot Specific mobile app authoring system.

The resources in his repository will allow you to work alongside the accompanying screencast to build up a functioning app which matches the corresponding library app.

Apps built using these resources as a starting point can be output to Android and iOS.

How do I use the code?

The code here is intended to be used along with the corresponding 'Library app', which is available to all Spot Specific customers. This app can be cloned into a user account and used as a starting point for later development.

We've put together a corresponding screencast, which you can follow to find out how to use the code and other resources in this app. We recommend you review this screencast before beginning.

You'll also need a Google Maps API key, available from Google's developer site. This API key should be entered into the file 'You-Are-Here-Main-Logic.js' inside the Features directory. The API key should be pasted in in place of 'YOURAPIKEY' on line 6 of this file before you upload it to Spot Specific

Where can I find out more?

For more information, please consult our documentation and help site.

Can I distribute this code?

Yes! Please use and adapt the code to your own purposes. For full licensing information, see the LICENCE file.