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A collection of modules and examples for MicroPython running on an STM32F4DISCOVERY board
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A collection of Python modules and examples for MicroPython, targeted mainly at STM32F4-based boards, like the STM32F4DISCOVERY board or the original pyboard. Most modules also work on the MicroPython unix port or even other bare-metal ports, e.g. the esp8266 port.

Currently, this collection contains:

  • accel - a fixed version of from the main MicroPython repoincluding examples.
  • encoder - a library for reading a rotary encoder connected to two digital input pins, including examples. Features gray code error checking, making software or hardware debouncing uneccessary in most cases.
  • lcd - a library for interfacing with a HD44780-compatible LCD controller, including examples.
  • midi - a library for receiving and sending MIDI data via the UARTs or the USB virtual serial interface, including examples.
  • picoredis - A very mimimal Redis client library (not only) for MicroPython.
  • spiflash - A module for using Winbond W25Q* SPI-attached flash memory chips with MicroPython (adapted from code found in this repo).
  • spimaster - a rudmentary library to communicate via SPI with an ESP826 module as the SPI slave, which runs an Arduino sketch using the SPISlave library.


Except where otherwise noted, these modules and examples were written by Christopher Arndt.


Except where otherwise noted, the code is freely usable and distributable under the MIT License.

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