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Python 20 7


Help center for community-driven websites

Updated Jul 24, 2013

JavaScript 0 1


Web App powering

Updated Aug 23, 2012

Python 8 21


forked from typeshige/django-elsewhere

Edit and display links to your online social network profiles, instant messengers accounts and websites

Updated Jan 11, 2012

Python 1 397


forked from bread-and-pepper/django-userena

Django profiles and account according to good standards.

Updated May 28, 2011

Python 8 3


Fork of django-badges with support for a generic foreign key instead of the user model

Updated May 28, 2011

Python 4 96


forked from grzegorzbialy/django-faq

A simple faq application for django apps. Support for multiple languages and updated to work with Dj1.2+

Updated Mar 21, 2011

Python 7 2


Updated Mar 10, 2011

Python 2 143


forked from agiliq/merchant

Accept payments from various payment processors via Pluggable backends. A work in progress!

Updated Mar 10, 2011

Python 2 236


forked from bobkarreman/django-avatar

A reusable django application for handling Avatars.

Updated Mar 9, 2011

Python 3 2


Record and display the latest visitors of a given object

Updated Dec 17, 2010

Python 1 24


forked from pragmaticbadger/django-privatebeta

A reusable application for collecting email addresses for later invitations and to restrict access to a site under private beta.

Updated Dec 16, 2010

Python 2 1


A bridge to interact with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook,, ...

Updated Nov 25, 2010

Python 1 35


forked from eldarion/django-oauth-access

centralized OAuth access to OAuth providers in Django -- This version allows any object to be associated with an OAuth token

Updated Nov 18, 2010

Python 2 27


forked from dokterbob/django-agenda

An event agenda application for Django 1.2+. This version adds timeline, event sharing and calendar support

Updated Nov 17, 2010

Python 1 127


forked from kmmbvnr/django-fsm

Django friendly finite state machine support

Updated Nov 12, 2010

Python 1 32


forked from eldarion/django-contacts-import

contact importing (originally from django-friends, broken out and enhanced)

Updated Nov 10, 2010

Python 1 21


forked from winhamwr/django-durationfield

Temporary reusable Django application for adding a DurationField, until Django issue #2443 is resolved.

Updated Jul 26, 2010

Python 1 94


forked from pinax/django-friends

friendship, contact and invitation management for the Django web framework

Updated Apr 13, 2010

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