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Installing The SpreadServe Addin

Installing the addin for the first time

  • Get the XLL from or source from
  • Install SSAddin.xll as an Excel addin.
    • Use SSAddin64.xll if you're running a 64 bit Excel.
    • Watch this video if you're unsure about adding an addin
    • Put SSAddin.xll.config in the same directory as SSAddin.xll, and edit it to add Tiingo, Quandl and Baremetrics keys if you use those services.
  • Create a new sheet, or load one of the test sheets to check that the addin is loaded.
    • Hit fx on the formula bar to get the Insert Function dialog.
    • Select the SpreadServe Addin function category.
    • You should see s2cron, s2quandl and other SpreadServe Addin functions listed.
  • Bear in mind that the SpreadServe Addin does not add a ribbon menu. It's designed to work entirely through worksheet functions.

SpreadServe Addin test sheets

There are several test spreadsheets in the zip in the xls directory. These sheets all use RTD updates, so make sure you are in automatic calculation mode. Go to Formulas/Calculation Options in Excel and select Automatic. Use ctrl-alt-F9 to recalc everything and force the RTD subscriptions through.

  • cron1.xls: demonstrates the use of the s2cron and s2sub functions to set up and track a timer that goes off every 20 seconds. The timer will stop at the end of the day.
  • cron2.xls: uses of the s2cron and s2sub functions to set up and track a timer that goes off every 5 seconds. Note how the start and end dates are set in the s2cfg sheet so the timer will run beyond the end of the day, for as many days as the sheet is running.
  • cron3.xls: uses of the s2cron and s2sub functions to set up and track a timer that goes off daily at 1430. Note how the start and end dates are set in the s2cfg sheet.
  • quandl1.xls: uses s2quandl to launch a quandl query on a background thread in the subs sheet, and s2cache to pull the query result set into cells on the data sheet. You may have to ctrl-alt-F9 a second time to force s2qcache execution in the subs sheet.
  • quandl2.xls: a variation on quandl1. The two differences are the offsetting of the result set in the data sheet, and the use of s2vqcache instead of s2qcache. The offsetting allows result sets to appear anywhere in a sheet instead of being anchored to the top left cell. s2vqcache is a volatile version of s2qcache. Use of the volatile function avoids the need for a second ctrl-alt-F9.
  • quandl3.xls: combines the cron and quandl features to implement a quandl query that is executed every 30 seconds.
  • wsock.xls: uses the s2websock function to subscribe to updates from an automated sheet hosted by SpreadServe.
  • tiingows1.xls: uses the s2twebsock and s2sub functions to subscribe to live ticking IEX market data from Tiingo. NB you will need to put your Tiingo authorization token into the s2cfg sheet to connect to Tiingo, and you'll need to be permissioned for IEX data at Tiingo.
  • tiingows_option1.cls: using s2twebsock and s2sub to drive a Black Scholes option calc with ticking IEX market data.

Some of the example sheets have _proxy suffixed to the name. These alternate versions are designed to work from behind an internet proxy. They have extra config sheet entries to configure username, password and proxy connection details. If you're in a corporate environment you'll probably need to use these.