@robertleeplummerjr robertleeplummerjr released this Aug 4, 2014 · 2 commits to 3.x since this release

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jQuery.sheet is now faster:

  • Refined javascript based formula language
  • Less dependant on jQuery for internals
  • Rebuilt scrolling system compatible with IE8+, Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS
  • Ridiculously fast element interaction


  • More Excel/Spreadsheet functions available
  • More examples
  • More unit tests for cross browser compatibility
  • Copy paste to and from Excel, Desktop Spreadsheets, and jQuery.sheet to Excel, Desktop Spreadsheets, and jQuery.sheet


  • Commercially viable software for the masses
  • Documentation up to date
  • Ready to implement
  • Proven in the real world with Fortune 500 companies

For more info: http://visop-dev.com/Project+jQuery.sheet