Javascript event-based communication layer between DOM and iframe.
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Bellhop Build Status Dependency Status

Bellhop is a simple event-based communication layer between the page DOM and an iframe. It doesn't require any additional dependencies. Super easy to use and setup.


npm install bellhop-iframe

Importing Bellhop

The Bellhop module contains support for ES6 modules, CommonJS and browser global definitions. To import with ES6,

import { Bellhop } from 'bellhop-iframe';

To import with CommonJS, refer instead to the UMD build

const Bellhop = require('bellhop-iframe/bellhop-umd.js');

You can also import the UMD version by using import

import 'bellhop-iframe/bellhop-umd.js';

Lastly, the UMD module can also be directly included on an HTML page. This will declare Bellhop and attach it directly to window

<script src="node_modules/bellhop-iframe/bellhop-umd.js"></script>

Basic Usage

Here's a very simple example to get started. We have two pages index.html and child.html.This is the minimum you need to start get them talking to each other.

Contents of index.html

<iframe src="child.html" id="page" width="200" height="200"></iframe>

// Create the bellhop object
const bellhop = new Bellhop();

// Pass in the iframe DOM object

// Listen for the 'init' event from the iframe
bellhop.on('init', function(event){
  // Handle the event here!

// Send data to the iframe
bellhop.send('user', {
  "name" : "Dave Smith",
  "age" : 16,
  "city" : "Boston"

Contents of child.html


// Create the bellhop object
const bellhop = new Bellhop();

// An example event to sent to the parent

// Handle events from the parent
bellhop.on('user', function(event){
  // Capture the data from the event
  const user =;

Available Methods

new Bellhop

The constructor creates a new Bellhop instance, taking an optional unique identifier for this instance. If no id is provided, a random one is selected


Connects a Bellhop instance to an iframe, or it's containing window. For instance, given a Bellhop instance bellhop:


will connect a child iframe to it's parent, allowing it to emit messages out of the iframe. However,

var iframe = document.querySelector('iframe');

allows a containing page to connect with an interior iframe and emit message into the iframe.


disconnect removes any listener for events from another frame, and stops listening for messages altogether


Sends a named message to another iframe:

bellhop.send('newHighscore', { value: 100 });

fetch and respond

Convenience methods for automating response of values between the interior and exterior of frames. For instance:

// parent.html
var iframe = document.querySelector('iframe');
var bellhop = new Bellhop(iframe);
bellhop.respond('config', { difficulty: 'hard', theme: 'dark' });

// child.html
var bellhop = new Bellhop();
bellhop.fetch('config', function(result) {
  console.log(result); // { difficulty: 'hard', theme: 'dark' }


Property for retrieving the iframe element through which this Bellhop instance is communicating:

var iframe = document.querySelector('iframe');
var bellhop = new Bellhop(iframe);

console.log( === iframe.contentWindow); // true


Copyright (c) 2018 Springroll

Released under the MIT License.