Deploying SpringRoll

Matt Karl edited this page Feb 23, 2016 · 4 revisions

These steps will properly tag a new release in SpringRoll on GitHub, deploy the documentation and release a new version on NPM.

  1. On command-line, go to the locally cloned SpringRoll directory
  2. Bump the version grunt version:patch
  3. Build a release of SpringRoll & test grunt default test
  4. Commit & Push changes to GitHub git commit -a -m "Release version" && git push origin
  5. Create release in GitHub using the version number from step #1 and the master* branch
  6. Publish to NPM npm publish
  7. Deploy the documentation grunt docs-live
  8. Zip the ./docs folder locally and add it to latest release

*These steps should be repeated if back-porting any changes to SpringRoll 0.3. It's important when tagging the release to specify the 0.3-hotfixes branch

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