Extending SpringRoll

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Since JavaScript is not an object-oriented language, there are different styles of doing pseudo-class inheritance. Here's the SpringRoll recommended way using a basic example of extending springroll.Application.


	// Include the Application class to use as a local reference
	var Application = include('springroll.Application');
	// Define our new class which will extend Application
	var SubApp = function(options)
		// This calls the Application's constructor
		Application.call(this, options);

	// The parent class's prototype reference
	// we can use this later to override methods
	// see destroy() below
	var s = Application.prototype;

	// Inherit the prototype chain from Application
	var p = Application.extend(SubApp);

	// Example of overriding and calling the parent class
	p.destroy = function()
		// Call Application's destroy() method

	// Assign to a global namespace
	namespace('myproject').SubApp = SubApp;

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