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Mac OS X User Notifications for Guard
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TerminalNotifier - Guard Style

A simple Ruby wrapper around the terminal-notifier command-line tool, which allows you to send User Notifications to the Notification Center on Mac OS X 10.8, or higher.

This version has 4 different icons included for each status that Guard supports:

  1. Failed
  2. Notify
  3. Pending
  4. Success


This version depends on the official terminal-notifier. Install it with Homebrew or see the official Installation instructions.

$ brew install terminal-notifier

Then, install the gem

$ gem install terminal-notifier-guard

Or add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'terminal-notifier-guard', '~> 1.6.1'

OSX 10.8 users

As of version 1.6.1, we no longer bundle notifiers binaries in this gem. Please revert to version 1.5.3 for OSX 10.8 support.


You could also use the notifier directly.

Examples are:

TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World', :title => 'Ruby', :subtitle => 'Programming Language')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World', :activate => '')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World', :open => '')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World', :execute => 'say "OMG"')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.notify('Hello World', :group =>



TerminalNotifier::Guard.failed('This did not go well.')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.success('This did not go bad.')
TerminalNotifier::Guard.pending('This needs some work still')


All the works are available under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for details.

Contributors & Thanks to

  • @alloy (For the terminal-notifier)
  • @railsme (For a clean way to test for OSX version #15)
  • @jamilbx (For support for local terminal-notifier command #8)
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