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Neat IP Address Planner - NIPAP is the best open source IPAM in the known universe, challenging classical IP address management (IPAM) systems in many areas.



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NIPAP is the Neat IP Address Planner - a system built for managing large amounts of IP addresses.

Having been developed at a fairly large service provider with operations throughout Europe, NIPAP is well suited for large organisations with massive amounts of IP addresses just as well as smaller enterprises with simple needs. The intuitive web interface lowers the barrier of entry considerable for beginner users while also offering advanced search by regexp and IPv4/IPv6 prefix. It features a powerful Google-style search, both a web GUI and a CLI together with client libraries for Python, Java and Oracle for those that want to integrate with other systems.

Features in short:
  • Very fast and scalable to hundreds of thousands of prefixes
  • A stylish and intuitive web interface
  • Native support for IPv6 (full feature parity with IPv4)
  • CLI for the hardcore user
  • Native VRF support, allowing overlapping prefixes in different VRFs
  • Support for documenting individual hosts
  • Very powerful search function (featuring regexp)
  • Integrated audit log
  • IP address request system for automatically assigning suitable prefixes
  • XML-RPC middleware, allowing easy integration with other applications or writing
  • Flexible authentication using SQLite and/or LDAP

Check out the webpage for information, screenshots and more:

Getting started

If you are running Ubuntu / Debian, add the followin repo:

deb stable main

And install nipapd for the backend, nipap-cli for the cli and/or nipap-www for the web pages.

Also see "Getting it" at


X11 / MIT


Contributions or suggestions are very much welcome! Fork us on GitHub! :)

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