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//Implementation of the the I2S buffer fill callback function that grabs new nozzle data from a
//FreeRTOS queue and uses the printcart_genwaveform code to convert that into a printer
//cart waveform.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):
* Jeroen Domburg <> wrote this file. As long as you retain
* this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day,
* and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#include "freertos/FreeRTOS.h"
#include "freertos/task.h"
#include "freertos/semphr.h"
#include "freertos/queue.h"
#include "esp_attr.h"
#include "printcart_buffer_filler.h"
#include "printcart_genwaveform.h"
#include <string.h>
//Debugging variable. Declare 'extern' somewhere else and print to find out the needed minimum size of
//the i2s buffers.
int printcart_mem_words_used=0;
//To decode or change these waveforms, please use tools/waveform_editor.html
static uint16_t waveform_tpl_color_a[]={
static uint16_t waveform_tpl_color_b[]={
static uint16_t waveform_tpl_black_a[]={
static uint16_t waveform_tpl_black_b[]={
Structure to store the waveform data, so you can easily add others if needed.
typedef struct {
uint16_t *data;
int len;
} waveform_desc_t;
const waveform_desc_t waveforms[]={
{waveform_tpl_color_a, sizeof(waveform_tpl_color_a)/2},
{waveform_tpl_color_b, sizeof(waveform_tpl_color_b)/2},
{waveform_tpl_black_a, sizeof(waveform_tpl_black_a)/2},
{waveform_tpl_black_b, sizeof(waveform_tpl_black_b)/2},
//Currently selected waveform and its length
static uint16_t *selected_waveform_tpl=waveform_tpl_color_a;
static int selected_waveform_len=sizeof(waveform_tpl_color_a)/2;
//If we switch waveforms, the buffer needs to be cleared. This being nonzero indicates this.
int clear_waveform_ct=0;
//Use this to select a different waveform.
void printcart_select_waveform(enum printcart_buffer_filler_waveform_type_en waveform_id) {
//This gets called from the I2S interrupt. Grab the next color data from the queue
//and fill the buffer with the corresponding waveform.
void IRAM_ATTR printcart_buffer_filler_fn(void *buf, int len, void *arg) {
QueueHandle_t pixq=(QueueHandle_t)arg;
portBASE_TYPE high_priority_task_awoken = 0;
//Pre-clear waveform buffer, but only when needed.
if (clear_waveform_ct) {
memset(buf, 0, len);
//Fix memory to receive the nozzle color data in
uint8_t nozdata[PRINTCART_NOZDATA_SZ];
//Receive from queue.
if (xQueueReceiveFromISR(pixq, nozdata, &high_priority_task_awoken)==pdFALSE) {
//Nothing in queue. Zero out data so we don't fire any nozzles.
memset(nozdata, 0, PRINTCART_NOZDATA_SZ);
//Generate waveform
printcart_mem_words_used=printcart_generate_waveform((uint16_t*)buf, selected_waveform_tpl, nozdata, selected_waveform_len);
//Wake thread blocking on pixqueue
if (high_priority_task_awoken == pdTRUE) {
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