A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools
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Sprytile Painter

A addon for creating tile based low spec 3D scenes


  • Tile building: Build your mesh directly with tiles, skip tedious UV mapping while quickly rotating and flipping tiles.
  • UV painting: Create your mesh with other Blender tools, then quickly UV map them to your tiles. Spend less time in the UV editor.
  • Pixel grid tools: Keep your mesh aligned to the grid with pixel translation, move vertices around with confidence.




Download from itch.io.

Please don't use GitHub releases, they are used for automatic updates.

Getting Started:


  • Chat with the fellow users in the Discord server
  • Showcase your work or ask for support in the forum

Issue/Feature requests:

Feature request or bug reports can be submitted to GitHub issues


Inspired by Crocotile3D.


Sprytile adopts the contributor covenant as the project code of conduct. The project values having a community that welcomes diversity. Contributions (bug reports, feature requests, documentation, etc.) are welcome!