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@alexanderkress alexanderkress released this Aug 6, 2018


  • Added command !banall <pattern> to ban all players matching pattern
  • Added command !rebuild to sync up all available maps
  • Added option to kill spawnkillers instantly
  • Added support for Urban Terror 4.3.4


  • Command !maps is showing the total number of available maps
  • Exclude bots from autokick for team kills to avoid unbalanced teams
  • Exclude bots from autokick of low score players to avoid unbalanced teams
  • Exclude bots from autokick for spawn killing to avoid unbalanced teams
  • Updated schedule library
  • Improved some feedback messages


  • Fixed #55: Make bots immune from spawnkill autokick
  • Fixed #56: Command !maps does not show all maps
  • Fixed #57: Fix year 2038 problem on 32-bit systems
  • Fixed version check, issued by string compare
  • Various minor bug fixes

Checksum Information:

Name:   spunkybot-1.11.0.tar.gz
MD5:    3ba97d1bcfc6719c5bdf126c57c704a9
SHA256: c6bc6d27efcb0338d59a96ec6a122f012097e0248ee743d39ba96f07cf43c987

Verify the file:

$ wget -qO- | gpg --import 
$ gpg --verify spunkybot-1.11.0.tar.gz.asc
$ gpg --verify SHASUMS.sig
$ shasum -a 256 -c SHASUMS
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