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@alexanderkress alexanderkress released this Feb 10, 2015 · 429 commits to master since this release

  • added support for console tell command
  • added command !hestats to display HE grenade kills
  • added most HE kills to the awards
  • added option to display a message when the bomb has been planted
  • added the warn/kick/ban reasons 'whiner' and 'name' (for offensive names)
  • added command !regtest to display current user status
  • added command !admintest to display current admin status
  • added command !warntest to test a warning
  • added command !warns to display the list of warnings
  • added command !!<text> (equal to !say command)
  • added command !find to display the slot number of a player
  • improved the output of the player found method
  • improved response of !nextmap command
  • imported latest GeoIP database
  • fixed issue #25: Remove autobalancer after team swap
  • fixed issue #24: Hardening get_cvar, add exception handling
  • fixed issue #13: Add support of console tell command
  • various minor bug fixes
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