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@alexanderkress alexanderkress released this Aug 3, 2015 · 365 commits to master since this release

  • added option to autokick players with low score
  • added dynamic mapcycle support
  • added support to get flag capture time
  • added fastest cap info to command !ctfstats
  • added CTF statistics to Awards output
  • added command !makereg to make player a regular user
  • added command !poke to notify a player that he needs to move
  • added command !swapteams to swap the teams
  • added command !hits to display hit stats
  • added command !lastbans to display the last 4 bans
  • added support to get the register date of a player
  • added support of TDM and FTL gametype
  • added support of Gun Game gametype introduced in Urban Terror 4.3
  • added acronym 'reg' for regular players
  • improved output of command !regtest, !leveltest and !country
  • improved output of Award 'Most HE kills'
  • improved output of !xlrtopstats by using filtering for active players
  • improved check for spectators on full server
  • hide commands which are not available in the current gametype
  • Senior Admins or higher levels do not need to enter reason when using the command !ban
  • imported latest GeoIP database
  • performance enhancements
  • code improvements
  • fixed issue #26: Text wrapping
  • fixed issue #27: Stats reset
  • fixed issue #28: Add dynamic mapcycle support
  • fixed issue #29: Supporting mapcycle file with newlines
  • fixed issue with empty lines in mapcycle.txt file
  • fixed issue with missing maps
  • fixed possible issue if mapname cannot be read out
  • fixed issue with output of the register date
  • fixed output of command !leveltest for guests
  • various minor bug fixes
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