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@alexanderkress alexanderkress released this May 14, 2017 · 172 commits to master since this release


  • added Monster Kill counter
  • added group Super Admins (level 90) with same rights as Head admins
  • added option to kill all opponents when bomb exploded or is defused
  • added option to autokick spawn killers
  • added option to limit successful nextmap votes
  • added option to enable/disable sending heartbeat
  • added option to display rule as chat/bigtext/server message
  • added UrT bot support with commands !bots on/off and !addbots
  • added support for @bigtext MESSAGE in rotation messages
  • added command !lastmaps to list the last played maps
  • added command !kickall <pattern> to kick players matching pattern
  • added command !restart to perform a restart of the map
  • added command !status to report the status of the bot
  • added command !id <name> to show IP, guid and auth of player
  • added command !tell <name> to tell a msg to a specific player
  • added command !afk <name> to force an afk player to spec
  • added command !spec to move yourself to spectator
  • added command !exit to display last disconnected player
  • added command !kickbots to kick all bots
  • added command option @locate <name>
  • added shortcut !lc for command !locate
  • added public welcome message
  • added help for each command, e.g. !help tempban
  • added handler for callvote and vote_passed
  • added systemd service and sysVinit file
  • added support for Debian 9 Stretch and Ubuntu 16.10


  • show team mates that bomb was tossed or collected
  • show number of players in each team when using command !teams
  • show number of kills when killspree is ended
  • show bomb planted/defused server message
  • show survivor winning team server message
  • show ban reason when banned player tries to connect
  • show nextmap at map begin in dynamic cycle
  • show authname in welcome message
  • improved displaying country for bots or in local LAN
  • improved message "bomb has been planted"
  • reset warn-timer when clearing all warnings
  • extended reason dictionary with sk, wh, insult, autojoin, 999
  • allowed configuration of RCON_DELAY
  • allowed port 1024 again (many latin players use it)
  • imported latest GeoIP database


  • fixed issue #43: added command !exit to display last disconnected player
  • fixed issue #42: added support for @bigtext MESSAGE in rotation messages
  • fixed issue #41: added bot support
  • fixed issue #40: added support for command !instagib on/off
  • fixed issue #39: added support for DB ID and authname for command !xlrstats
  • fixed issue #37: added group Super Admins (level 90)
  • fixed issue #32: limit length of name to 20 characters
  • various minor bug fixes

Checksum Information:

Name: spunkybot-1.9.0.tar.gz
MD5:  6ee213da2c0f35cb42b0028a55d332ac
SHA1: 3165ad00888375f629cf8e0bbcd34fa2a0c145e1
SHA256: a68dfc45f15d7a2502e3ed92c7a9f9d25c8aa6107e3d802b746e12c51c0a6b0d

Verify the file:

$ wget -qO- | gpg --import 
$ gpg --verify spunkybot-1.9.0.tar.gz.asc spunkybot-1.9.0.tar.gz
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