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A simple (work-in-progress) visual tool for crafting and structuring finite state machines in Unity in a modular way by creating states from a series of small, self-contained and re-usable actions.


Simply clone or download this repository and put everything (the ActionGraph folder) in your Unity Assets folder. That's it!


ActionGraph is still very much a work in progress and I would not currently reccomend using for anything other than a a learning resource at the moment. That being said, here's a guide to getting started:

Creating a new Graph

  • Add a Graph component to a GameObject in your scene
  • Click the 'Open Editor' button or go to Window -> ActionGraph Editor to bring up the editor window
  • Right-click anywhere to add a node (a container for a series of actions)
    • The only difference between a Standard Node and a Transition Node is the latter will cause Graph.IsTransitioning to return true while it is running
  • Click the 'Add New Action' button to pick from any of the Actions in your project
  • This will bring up the ActionGraph Inspector (AGInspector) window which is similar to the standard Unity inspector but used to modify ActionGraph elements such as Actions and Conditions
  • Left-click and drag from one of the small white circles surrounding a node to create a connection between two nodes
  • Left-click the larger white circle in the middle of the connection to modify the Conditions that are required for that connection to execute

Writing custom Actions and Conditions

  • Custom Actions should inherit from the Action class and can implement OnStart, OnUpdate, and OnFinish to execute their logic When the action has done its work it should call FinishAction (which is what will trigger OnFinish to be called)
  • Custom Conditions should inherit from the Condition class and need only implement Check which returns true or false

Extra Notes

  • WARNING: ActionGraph doesn't always save changes automatically so be sure to use the 'Save' button in the top-left corner of the ActionGraph window regularly.
  • You can set which node should execute first by right-clicking a node and selecting 'Make Start Node'


A simple visual tool for crafting and structuring finite state machines in Unity in a modular way.




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