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#!/usr/bin/env python
# License: Public Domain -
import string
from gimpfu import *
from array import array
def python_color_to_alpha_exact(image, layer, color):
image_width = pdb.gimp_image_width(image)
image_height = pdb.gimp_image_height(image)
# Make sure this layer supports alpha so we can write to each pixel's alpha component
# Grab a pixel region (readonly) covering the entire image and copy pixel data into an array
source_region = layer.get_pixel_rgn(0, 0, image_width, image_height,False, False)
source_pixels = array("B", source_region[0:image_width, 0:image_height])
pixel_size = len(source_region[0,0])
# Create another region (writeable) and an array that can store all our modified pixels
destination_region = layer.get_pixel_rgn(0, 0, image_width, image_height, True, True)
destination_pixels = array("B", "\x00" * (image_width * image_height * pixel_size))
gimp.progress_init("Replacing color pixels with alpha...")
x = 0
y = 0
# Loop through every pixel in the image/layer
for y in xrange(0, (image_height-1)):
for x in xrange(0, (image_width-1)):
gimp.progress_update(1.0 * y/image_height)
source_index = (x + image_width * y) * pixel_size
pixel = source_pixels[source_index: source_index + pixel_size]
# Check if this pixel matches are input color
# If so, zero out the pixel's alpha value
if pixel[0] == color[0] and pixel[1] == color[1] and pixel[2] == color[2]:
pixel[3] = 0
# Write the modified pixel out to our destination array
destination_pixels[source_index: source_index + pixel_size] = pixel
# Copy the whole array into the writeable pixel region
destination_region[0:image_width, 0:image_height] = destination_pixels.tostring()
# Write our changes back over the original layer
layer.update(0, 0, image_width,image_height)
# Register the plugin with Gimp so it appears in the Colors menu
"Color To Alpha (Exact)",
"Sets the alpha of any pixel matching the given RGB values to 0 (fully transparent)",
"Karn Bianco",
"Karn Bianco",
"<Image>/Colors/Color To Alpha (Exact)",
(PF_COLOR, 'color', 'Color to match:', (255,0,255))
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