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#!/usr/bin/env python
# License: Public Domain -
from gimpfu import *
import math
def create_spritesheet(image, singleRow):
# Grab all the layers from the original image, each one of which will become an animation frame
layers = image.layers
numLayers = len(layers)
# Work out how many rows and columns we need for each of our layers/animation frames
numRows = 1 if singleRow else int(math.ceil(math.sqrt(numLayers)))
numCols = numLayers if singleRow else int(math.ceil(math.sqrt(numRows)))
# And then determine the size of our new image based on the number of rows and columns
newImgWidth = image.width * numCols
newImgHeight = image.height * numRows
# Create a new image and a single layer that fills the entire canvas
newImage = gimp.Image(newImgWidth, newImgHeight, RGB)
newLayer = gimp.Layer(newImage, "Spritesheet", newImgWidth, newImgHeight, RGBA_IMAGE, 100, NORMAL_MODE)
newImage.add_layer(newLayer, 1)
# Clear any selections on the original image to esure we copy each layer in its entirety
# Layers are in the reverse order we want them so start at the end of the list and work backwards
layerIndex = (numLayers - 1)
# Loop over our spritesheet grid filling each one row at a time
for y in xrange(0, numRows):
for x in xrange(0, numCols):
# Copy the layer's contents and paste it into a "floating" layer in the new image
floatingLayer = pdb.gimp_edit_paste(newLayer, TRUE)
# This floating layer will default to the center of the new image so we first shift to the top left
# corner (0, 0) and and then shift to correct grid position based on current row and column index
xOffset = (-newImgWidth/2) + (image.width/2) + (x * image.width)
yOffset = (-newImgHeight/2) + (image.height/2) + (y * image.height)
# GIMP will only copy non-transparent pixels, so if our image contains transparency
# the new floating layer may be smaller than we want which will cause animation issues.
# To resolve this we adjust our position by the difference in layer size to ensure everything aligns
xOffset += (image.width - floatingLayer.width) / 2
yOffset += (image.height - floatingLayer.height) / 2
# Move the floating layer into the correct position
pdb.gimp_layer_translate(floatingLayer, xOffset, yOffset)
# Move to the next layer, unless we're all done in which case exit!
layerIndex = (layerIndex - 1)
if layerIndex < 0:
# Merge the last floating layer into our final 'Spritesheet' layer
pdb.gimp_image_merge_visible_layers(newImage, 0)
# Create and show a new image window for our spritesheet
# Register the plugin with Gimp so it appears in the filters menu
"Creates a spritesheet (in a new image) from the layers of the current image.",
"Creates a spritesheet (in a new image) from the layers of the current image.",
"Karn Bianco",
"Karn Bianco",
"Create Spritesheet",
(PF_IMAGE, 'image', 'Input image:', None),
(PF_BOOL, "singleRow", "Output to a single row?", FALSE)
create_spritesheet, menu="<Image>/Filters/Animation/")