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Risk assessment and risk modeling tool

Welcome to the Spyderisk Open Project on GitHub

Here you will find all of the code that makes up Spyderisk, the automated risk assessment tool which you can see and learn about online. The most important Spyderisk repositories for users are pinned below, and are:

  • Spyderisk System Modeller - the main Spyderisk application. This repository is for technical software developers. This app contains a mathematical model of the world (the "Domain Model") over which a user can graphically add the specifics of their particular use case (the "System Model"). Spyderisk then calculates the risk of various scenarios happening, for example, a large cloud service becoming unavailable following an electrical outage that affects a critical datacentre. The Spyderisk System Modeller can be provided as a hosted service, an example being the training installation available at
  • Spyderisk System Modeller Deployment - this contains the tools which allow a more technical user (but not necessarily a software developer) to install System Modeller themselves, either on their own laptop or on cloud servers they own.
  • Spyderisk Adaptor - For users who want to do automated risk assessment from their own Python code. A running instance of the Spyderisk application has APIs that the Spyderisk Adaptor can call.
  • Network Domain Knowledgebase - describing complex networked information systems, the threats to them and ways to control those threats.

There are many other respositories here, varying from project administration tools to deeply technical code that operates on Domain Models.


  1. system-modeller system-modeller Public

    Spyderisk web service and web client

    Java 1 3

  2. system-modeller-deployment system-modeller-deployment Public

    Deployment scripts for Spyderisk System Modeller

    Shell 1

  3. system-modeller-adaptor system-modeller-adaptor Public

    Service sitting in front of the system-modeller, providing additional (sometimes experimental) functionality


  4. domain-network domain-network Public

    Network domain model



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