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@Spyduck Spyduck released this Oct 20, 2020


  • Fixed the Edwardian console scanner again
Assets 3

@Spyduck Spyduck released this Jan 21, 2019

Initial github release (previous fixes listed here)


  • Hooked up scanner to a button in Secondary console room

  • Switched to a more sane version naming style and retroactively renamed old versions


  • Fixed missing scanners by removing the new animation


  • Misc. fixes


  • Add JIP NVSE Plugin check

  • Classic corridors for Secondary and Rani consoles

  • Fix for Edwardian ambient noise in every console

  • Fix for invisible Copper and Edwardian scanners

  • Fix for missing texture above Glitch console

  • Fix for Edwardian roof being stuck open

  • Void glasses moved to sit on new scanner mesh


  • Initial release
Assets 3