schort is a tiny link shortener written in python3 and flask
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This adds some basic and regression functional tests to schort
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schort - It's just a tiny link shortener

Installation instructions:

  1. Clone this repo into e.g. /opt/schort
  2. Create a user and adjust permissions to write at least into /opt/schort/data
  3. Install requirements (see below)
  4. Configure your wsgi or fcgi server
  5. Configure your webserver that he talks to your wsgi/fcgi server


Module Explanation
Flask Flask handels all HTTP-stuff in this application
sqlite3 In gentoo this useflag needs to be set while compiling python3


The schort.wsgi file can be set as UWSGI_PROGRAM if you use uWSGI. Keep in mind, that the UWSGI_DIR needs to be set to the path where resists. This is because schort is not installed in a global scope. Since schort.wsgi imports it needs his workspace in the same folder.