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This is the TODO list for "Pharo By Example", listing pending actions and current status of chapters.
## TO DO:
- Upgrade to new Pharo image (don't forget to check all the tests!)
- Incorporate Thomas Schrader's formatting suggestions? (See Regex/ToSh-Regex.tex)
- From: "symingz" <>
Date: April 10, 2010 13:57:36 GMT+02:00
The correct way of determining message send order using these rules is like this.
First, use the rules to find the fully parenthesized equivalent of a given expression,
e.g. '1 + 2 + x a' should equals '(1 + 2) + (x a)', not '((1 + 2) + x) a' or '1 + (2 + (x a))'.
Second, evaluate the fully parenthesized expression from left to right, from inside to outside.
What the book says is different, though. For example, when '(1 + 2) + (x a)' is evaluated, '+ 2' is be sent before 'a', but if we follow the book, the reverse will be assumed. If '+' and 'a' are replaced with some selector with side effects, following the book will lead to error.
- Sbe-discussion mailing list:
## TO DO for old chapters
- All chapters fixed except:
* First App -- fix pretty-print instructions; file-out package
## Check/report these pharo bugs ...
- Refactoring scope super-sends of Morphic package broken (issue 1311)
- pretty print (r) shortcut does nothing (issue 1312)
- context-clicking on process browser raises an error (issue 1313)
- AUTHORS: Alexandre Bergel, Andrew Black, Stéphane Ducasse, Oscar Nierstrasz
- WITH: Damien Cassou, Jannick Menanteau, Damien Pollet, David Roethlisberger
- REVIEWERS: Fabrizio Perin, Jorge Ressia, Lukas Renggli
> Hi oscar
> I'm starting to clean the pharo by example 2 folder. I will first identify the old folders of empty chapters.
> After it would be nice if we could put on the web
> - the OB chapter
> - Profiler
> - Setting
> - Metacello once finished
> - Gofer once translated from french
> Alex could work on a new version of the mondrian tutorial.
> Stef
## PLAN FOR RELEASING DRAFT CHAPTERS (Stef email 2010-08-24)
- Omnibrowser (should be ready since I think that you already read it)
- would be nice to take into account the remarks of one reader on the Syntax chapter because I wrote something wrong.
- would be nice to take into account the remarks of Hernan on the Exception chapter
- Profiling is done. We could add some sections at the end but this is good to release the chapters and get feedback
- Settings. We need two sections: one on how to script settings (I contacted alain) but again we could put it on the web since the last two sections are not necessary.
- Metacello nearly finished (mariano is writing the last bits)
- Gofer (Argh this is in french now I wonder if this is not any faster that you read the french and write the english because you will probably rewrite a part of my english)
## Regex
- stable, but some tests appear to be broken (in the PBE1 image)
* High priority for revision
+ Ready for public release
- Draft or less
## [SW Development]
+ Monticello -- pharo-ready -> STEF should check this?
- Debugging (outline only!) -> STEF
- Profiling -- Short draft. To be rewritten. -> ALEX * ANDREW
- Installer and other cool packages: STEF has a draft (should continue)
## [Frameworks]
- Magma (STEF ported the first version of the tutorial with the rights;
to be rewritten with Chris Muller's help)
+ RegEx -- stable, stable, pharo-ready
+ OmniBrowser -- stable
## [Language]
+ Exceptions -- stable -- do we need to replace BlockContext by BlockClosure? What about MethodContext?
- Concurrency -- To do -> STEF
- Announcements (dependency mechanism) -- To do -> STEF (STEF wrote a first little draft)
## [Planned]
- Traits tutorial! -- STEF
- Programming Pier -> OSCAR
- We need a more practically oriented Morphic chapter. The chapter in SBE 1 does not really show how to build a real GUI. [on -- from Mark Volkmann's comments]
- Reflective programming (may be something for the tutorial organized by Ralf on transformation): STEF: example of ActTalk
## [Building other languages]
- New Compiler
- Tutorial on Smacc
- Abstract Interpreter
- Composable Parsers (should ask adrian kuhn for his blog in Smalltalk) *
- Idioms and Style -- OSCAR ?
- explain why getters and setters violate encapsulation
- Inheritance/Idioms -- To do. -> ANDREW
- Common Errors -- To do. -> ???
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