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% This bibliography was produced by using jurabib.bst
\bibitem[{Brant\Bibetal\jbdy {1998}}%
{{Wrappers to the Rescue}%
\jbbibargs {\bibnf {Brant} {John} {J.} {} {}\bibIMfont {\Bibetal}} {John
BrantBrian FooteRalph JohnsonDon Roberts} {aus} {\bibapifont {Wrappers to the
Rescue}\bibatsep\ \incolledformat {}{}{\bibbtfont {Proceedings European
Conference on Object Oriented Programming (ECOOP'98)}\bibatsep\ }{1445}{}
Springer-Verlag \apyformat {1998} \jbPages{396--417}} {\bibhowcited}
\jbdoitem {{Brant}{John}{J.}{}{}; {Foote}{Brian}{B.}{}{};
{Johnson}{Ralph}{R.}{}{}; {Roberts}{Don}{D.}{}{}} {}
{{Springer-Verlag}{}{}{}{}} \bibAnnoteFile {Bran98a}
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