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TODO PROVISOIRE [auteur: martial]
cb = callback pour le retour vers la version originale (si vous avez
des commentaires qui ne sont pas encore postés sur la mailing list,
ajouter ici)
*** Comment by chapters
**TODO (must be sent to SBE mailing list):
* Regex:
- not very 'by Example'
- some mistake to report (see PharoFrench/Regex/Regex.tex annotation)
* Morphic:
- the redClick/yellowClick-thing method should be replaced by another
name/convention in Pharo code in order to have the same names:
* Metaclasses:
- PharoBook/Metaclasses/figures/InspectingColor.png may be
PharoFrench/Metaclasses/figures/InspectingColor.png (using the newest
Inspector in a 0.1 preprint image)
* (Environment, Morphic, FirstApp, QuickTour)
- track 'cross' or \sf{X}, the word used for the three bubbles on the
top of each window must be the same as red bubble, yellow
bubble... replaced the close button etc...
**SENT/DONE (advice/previous update):
* BasicClasses:
- A comment about something in Squeak 3.9; there is 'In 3.9...', it's
* Environment:
- Navigating the code space > Senders and implementors
of a message (112)
"If you look at the senders of drawOn: in AtomMorph»drawOn:, you will
see that it is a super send. So we know that the method that will be
executed will be in AtomMorph's superclass. What class is that? Action-
click browse ◃ hierarchy implementors and you will see that it is
What's EllipseMorph? Is there someone in charge of the
QuickTour/FirstApp/Environment corrections?
* Streams:
- At the end of the 4.2 section, there is a remark about 'Nile is
better...' but Pharo got Nile now!?
(previous sent on
* SUnit:
- Running a single test:
'If you don't want to launch the Test Runner from the
\menu{open\,\ldots} menu, you can execute \ct{TestRunner open} as a
\menu{print it}.' What's 'open...'? It should be 'You can also run the
Test Runner by \menu{doit} the text \ct{TestRunner open}.' (what I did
for the french version)
* Model:
- reference to squeak 3.9, the sentence should be without: 'since
version 3.9'.
- besoin de Color-Buttons.graffle et fooNotFound.graffle
* FAQ:
- "How do I register the browser that I want to be the default?"
it's on the right not on the left now
* Model:
- remove words about MVC in Model.tex / I did it in
* Monticello:
- in PBE, it would be nice to define the package from the start with
OB. The section is made for Squeak w/o package browser
- 'You should now be able to verify that the only the original (red)
tests are loaded.' tyo before 'Branching' subsection
- in Branching subsection: 'Once again the tests should be green,
though our implementation of perfect numbers is slightly different.'
but there is only one test now so: 'The current test should be green...'
- (replace the merge tool by the current one in Pharo / add explanation)
- In Change subsection: the Patch Browser is mentionned in the figure
not in the text. At the end of the first paragraph, we should add 'via
the Patch Browser.'
* QuickTour:
- before 'First Interaction.' paragraph, {\sf x} should be the red
button on the window title bar (OS X style by default?)
- blue-click on the bam????
* FirstApp:
- "The bottom pane of the inspector is a mini-workspace. It's useful
because in this workspace the pseudo-variable \self is bound to the
object being inspected. " untrue now!
- "The simplest way of doing this is by \emph{filing out} the code.
The \actclick menu in the System Categories pane will give you the
option to file out the whole of category \scat{PBE-LightsOut}." should
be made from packages like in Environment
- In 'Saving and loading code with Monticello': "What is a package?
For now, you can think of a package as a group of class and method
categories that share the same prefix. Since we put all of the code
for the Lights Out game into the category called
\scat{PBE-LightsOut}, we can refer to it as the \ct{PBE-LightsOut}
package." We added a 'Categories & Packages' subsection; no need to
say that or reformulate it
*** Global advices
** refactor the PBE1/PBE2/PBE-Omnibus (ugly copy/paste; harder to
maintain by translators)
** [brainstorming] If the PBE2 title looks like 'More...', the
'More...' should be reuse in the parts' titles:
More Software Dev, More Frameworks, More language details...
*** Version française
(SBE dans FrenchBook)
** FAQ:
* réactualisation d'une FAQ (image-dev de damien) + ajout de 2 FAQs (which
squeak image should I use with this book; the browser does not look
like the one described...)