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Drafts of several books about Pharo and related packages
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Pharo for the Enterprise (english version) Build Status Build Status

An experiment of writing a book with the Pier syntax using plain-text editors.

This book is continuously built on an Inria Jenkins server.

How to write a book

This book is written in Pillar markup. If you are not familiar with it please check the pillar-documentation.

Generating the book

First of all you have to run ./ to obtain the Pillar executable that does all the job.

To generate your book execute ./ If you want to generate only one chapter, pass the file's path to the script: ./ Example/Example.pillar. If you have pdflatex installed and available in your system's PATH, the script will also generate pdf files.

Adding a chapter

To add a chapter create a directory for it (named, e.g., Example) and put there a .pillar file (named, e.g., Example.pillar) which will contain the chapter itself. Put images in the figures subdirectory of the new chapter directory.

Add your chapter to:

  • pillar.conf in the inputFiles array as: "Example/Example.pillar", and
  • _support/templates/book.latex.template in \graphicspath as {Example/}


  • You must neither use spaces nor underscores (_) in file names.


There are mods/bundles/packages for text editors, that provide improvements for pillar files editing:

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