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UKFast Hackathon – HTML Web Design & Web Form Challenge!

About Us

UKFast is a multi-award winning digital business and the no.1 place to work for in Greater Manchester. It's a business renowned for its innovation and fun culture as well as being one of the UK’s leading security, cloud hosting and colocation firms. UKFast was launched and founded in a back bedroom in 1999 by Lawrence and Gail Jones.

The Challenge

Some people think they are a web designers and other people want to be a web designer but how many people really know what it takes to be an expert creator and designer?

You’ve just been recruited by UKFast and your 1st challenge is to create a really snazzy webpage with a built in web form using HTML and a little bit of PHP. The webpage has to look attractive and easy to navigate for the end users. Your online form can capture information of your choice but it must serve a creative purpose and it must work. You could create a web competition form to capture a user’s information?

Steps to your challenge: Design and storyboard your webpage and web form. What’s the purpose of your page? Install and setup the web stack on your UKFast eCloud Flex server. Create your snazzy HTML webpage using just code. You’ll have lots of guides to help you! Incorporate your web form into your web page. Can you add validation to secure your web form? Learn how forms can be hacked to steal user data. Eeek!

Good luck hackers! Stay ethical :D

The Prize