Core Text view overlay ontop of a UITextView which allows editing of the Core Text View.
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I have been working on this for a while now and have got it to work fairly well but due to some remaining issues I have decided to open-source it in the case that someone else may want to work on it.

More Info

This is basically a Core Text View overlaid onto a UITextView. The text in the text view is hidden but can still be edited. Any editing in the UITextView is passed onto the Core Text View where it is added. This simulates the feel of proper editing.

The only supported font is a custom Courier font which has been edited to align closely to what it looks like in a UITextView. Even though it lines up very well there are still some issues with line breaking.


  • Line breaking rule differs between the UITextView and Core Text.
  • A few issues with Attributes and the movement as the user enters text.


Thanks to akosma for his CoreTextWrapper available here on GitHub which I used to actually do the drawing of the text.