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Squarespace Layout: Autocolumns

A module to lay out a group of elements in an autocolumns-style (i.e., masonry) grid.

NOTICE: This code is licensed to you pursuant to Squarespace’s Developer Terms of Use. See license section below.


npm install --save @squarespace/layout-autocolumns;
const Autocolumns = require('@squarespace/layout-autocolumns');

const grid = new Autocolumns(rootNode, {

Using ES6

If you prefer to handle transpiling and polyfilling on your own, you can import ES6 from Mercury:

import Autocolumns from '@squarespace/layout-autocolumns/src';

Alternately, Autocolumns specifies a module property in package.json that points to the uncompiled src/index.js, so you may be able to simply import @squarespace/layout-autocolumns if you're using one of the following bundlers:


new Autocolumns(rootNode, {config})


  • rootNode Node - Wrapper around the whole grid (required)
  • config Object - Config object
  • config.childNodes String - Class name of the elements to be placed (required)
  • [config.imageNodes] String - Class name of the parent wrapper around each image
  • [config.gutter] Number - Space between each item (in pixels; default 5)
  • [config.minColumns] Number - Smallest number of columns the modules will create (default 1)
  • [config.maxColumns] Number - Largest number of columns the module will create (default 12)
  • [config.minColumnWidth] Number - Minimum width for each column (in pixels; default 300)
  • [config.afterChildLoaded] Function - Callback function run after each child is loaded
  • [config.autoLoadImages] Boolean - Set to true for the module to handle image loading (default false)


Lays out the grid with existing parameters. Can also pass new parameters when called.


Function to call after resize event. Calls Autocolumns.reset() then Autocolumns.layout().


Resets styles on all children.


Resets styles on wrapper and all children and removes the module classes.


Portions Copyright © 2016 Squarespace, Inc. This code is licensed to you pursuant to Squarespace’s Developer Terms of Use, available at (the “Developer Terms”). You may only use this code on websites hosted by Squarespace, and in compliance with the Developer Terms. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, SQUARESPACE PROVIDES ITS CODE TO YOU ON AN “AS IS” BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.