Bash script to automate hot spot analysis using Code Maat
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To run

The script was written to run on Windows so you'll need to tweak a few things for OSX, to run:

  1. Grab Code Maat from here and move the .jar and .bat file to C:\codemaat - the script expect it to live at C:\codemaat, change path in script as needed
  2. Add to your path
  3. Add maat.bat from C:\codemaat to your path
  4. Create a folder in C:\codemaat\analysis and copy the d3 folder and index.html into it
  5. Install Cloc globally, 'npm i cloc -g' -
  6. Install Python 2.7 and make sure Python is on your path, confirm with 'python --version'
  7. cd into the repo to run the analysis on
  8. Run using the parameters below
  9. cd to where your analysis was copied to, C:\codemaat\analysis\ by default
  10. D3 will try to load a file called analysis_visualisation.json by default which is set in index.html, if you change the file prefix with the -p parameter, make sure to update this the filename in index.html
  11. Run a local server in that folder using Python for instance, > python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
  12. Hit localhost:8000 to see the D3 hot spot visualisation


-fp | --prefix Prefix to add to output files i.e. 'myorganisation_frequency.csv' - defaults to 'analysis'

-vp | --vispath Path to save the visualisation JSON file to

-sp | --searchpath Path to run the complexity analysis on using Cloc

-il | --includeLang Languages to include in analysis in csv format, see Cloc docs for recognised languages.

-ed | --excludeDir Directories to exclude from analysis in csv format

-ee | --excludeExt File extensions to exclude in csv format

-ad | --afterDate Include commit history from this date in the format yyyy-mm-dd

-bd | --beforeDate Include commit history up until this date in the format yyyy-mm-dd

Example: -fp analysis -vp /c/codemaat/analysis/ -sp ./ -il C# -ed node_modules,tests -ee csproj,css -ad 2016-01-01 -bd 2017-01-01

You can read more about Cloc's parameters at:

More about Code Maat here: