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Car driving simulation using Neural Networks
JavaScript HTML CSS

NeuralCar 2.0

A rewritten version of the evolutionairy neural network driven car simulation. Pure js that runs on almost every browser.



*) Pacman like dots that give points or other kind of goals (cargo delivery (?))
*) Better maps (image upload => translate grayscale to number map)
*) Progress bar (show how much of the cars are trained)
*) Change settings while running simulation
*) Traffic lights
*) Find better default values (especially when collision is activated)
*) Write how it works
*) Remove/add cars during simulation
*) Remove/add player car during simulation


If you got btc you don't use feel free to donate some to me 1KtsEFzL8LCCaoy6G3Zf5K6rcUbZSAF5He

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