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@SquidDev SquidDev released this May 18, 2019 · 9 commits to minecraft-1.12 since this release


  • Allow re-enabling an entity's AIs (@nevercast)
  • Add methods to get FE and Tesla energy levels.
  • Add meta providers for Cyclic monster ball, NEW's Capturing Wand, Industrial Foregoing's Mob Imprisonment Tool and XU2's lasso.

Bug fixes

  • Documentation dumps are no longer saved with the system encoding.
  • Fix .use() right-clicking blocks twice.
  • Allow entities to pick up items inside their whole bounding box (rather than just around their head).
  • Add some sanity checks to ensure the fake player is not spawned in-world.
  • Fix .look not correctly saving the pitch (@nevercast)
  • Cancel entity's current walking task when running .disableAI().
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