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Identity Server for Squidex Headless CMS
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Squidex Logo

Squidex Identity

Build Status

Identity server based on Squidex Headless CMS. It implements the OpenId Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols to act as a central single sign on server.

How to make feature requests or report bugs?

Please join our community forum:

Based on


  • MongoDB or a SQL database (WORK IN PROGRESS).
  • Squidex server (either cloud version or self hosted).

Similary Solutions


The UI is based on the templates for ASP.NET Core and Bootstrap v4, but highly customizable. You can define a custom logo, footer text and links, a bootstrap theme or/and a custom style and many more. The UI has been designed to be lightweight and easy to integrate.

Login Screen

Register Screen

Logins Screen

Profile Screen

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