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Welcome to sqwrGameworks! This is a game framework for use by the Squidwrench Android Study Collaborative as a tool to provide direction and promote interaction. It may someday become a full fledged piece of software usable by anyone and managed like a real project.
  In these early stages, however, our main goal is to create an environment in which we can all grow, learn, and experiment. To this end, we provide no warranty as to the state of the repository now or in the future. We may at some point decide that we've gone horribly, terribly astray and the only solution is to take off and nuke it from orbit. That's not entirely likely, I suspect, but if you have any attachment to the data that you find here, be it sentimental, rational, or otherwise, make a copy of it somewhere.
  Even without nuking it from orbit, cases may arise in which we decide to change the name, design, requirements, or implementation you find here, so seriously: If you want it and would like to keep it, copy it and put it somewhere safe.
  If you're participating in the Squidwrench Android SC, don't worry about what you do here. If you break it, you can try to fix it, even if you break it some more. Other participants can help you, or even break it for you. Heck, it might even end up getting fixed that way. In the case that you really are quite scared, fork this repo, commit to your own, and send us a pull request. Then you can watch us break it instead. What fun!