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Squirrel.Windows 0.9.4

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@anaisbetts anaisbetts released this 21 Apr 17:38
· 686 commits to master since this release

What's New

Installing to C:\ProgramData (#308)

In many corporate environments, installing to LocalAppData is blocked via Group Policy or other similarly dumb restrictions. To work around this, Squirrel will now first attempt to install to LocalAppData, and will fall back to C:\ProgramData\USERNAME\APPNAME. This has consequences for your app!

If your application currently is hard-coded to look in %LocalAppData% for stuff, this release will break you (well technically, these users were never able to install in the first place, but now they will be able to and now you're gonna see weirdness). Instead, use UpdateManager's RootAppDirectory property, or do all of your operations relative to Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location.

This release also adds an IsInstalledApp property on UpdateManager which lets you tell if the application is currently installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Progress is now reported at a much slower rate so it won't spam your app
  • Fix an issue where silent install wasn't completely silent