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Stub Executables (#868)

While Squirrel.Windows's approach of moving around executables and rewriting shortcuts is the key feature that enables background updates without rebooting / restarting, it also conflicts with Windows's View Of The World in a lot of annoying ways. Things like pinning, file associations, etc etc end up being tricky to handle with the current approach of using Update.exe as a trampoline.

Now, Squirrel will scan your package for executables and create a "dummy" copy of this executable - one with the same icon and version metadata, but will instead run a copy of the latest version of the Real version of the executable. Instead of shortcuts pointiing to Update.exe, it'll point to this executable.

Note that for the first release after you upgrade to 1.5.0, stub executables won't be copied in, since the update will be done by the previous version of Squirrel.Windows which is stub-unaware. The existing Update-based shortcuts will continue to work though.

ToastActivatorCLSID (#879, thanks @felixrieseberg)

This PR allows you to use Windows 10 App Activation, which is required for features such as Win10 notification replies. A activator CLSID will be generated based on your app's NuGet package ID, which will be written out to the log. Implement your activator class using this GUID.