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Table of Contents

This document provides a table of contents for all the Squirrel documentation.

General Documentation

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide provides a step-by-step guide for integrating Squirrel into a simple Windows Forms application named MyApp.

  1. Integrating - integrating Squirrel UpdateManager into MyApp.
  2. Packaging - packaging MyApp files and preparing them for release.
  3. Distributing - providing install and update files for MyApp.
  4. Installing - process of initial installation of MyApp.
  5. Updating - process of updating an existing install of MyApp.

Using Squirrel

  • Installing - documentation related to the initial installation of your application via Setup.exe (and Setup.msi).
  • Packaging - documentation related to packaging app files and preparing them for release.
  • Distributing - documentation related to distributing the Setup.exe and update package files.
    • Microsoft IIS - overview of using Microsoft IIS for distributing your application.
    • Amazon S3 - overview of using Amazon S3 for distributing your application.
    • GitHub - overview of using GitHub for installing, distributing, and updating.
  • Updating - documentation related to updating an existing install via the UpdateManager.
    • Update Process - overview of the steps in the update process.
    • Update Manager - reference guide for the UpdateManager.
    • GitHub - overview of using GitHub for installing, distributing, and updating.
    • Debugging Updates - tips for debugging Squirrel.Windows updates.
    • Staged Rollouts - how to use staged rollouts to ramp up install distribution over time


Why not give back and help make Squirrel even better by contributing to the project.

  • Contributing - overview of ways you can become more involved with Squirrel.Windows.
  • Building Squirrel - steps to build squirrel for the impatient.
  • VS Solution Overview - overview of the various projects in the Squirrel.Windows Visual Studio solution.