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Docker Images [0.6.0]

Updated Jul 27, 2021

A set of Docker images to run SquirrelJME in.

Opera Mini 8 Pike Server [EXTRA]

Updated Jun 24, 2021

Implementation of an internal server implement Opera's Pike Server to provide Opera Mini support.

This is or the creation of a bootstrap Java VM or specifically running Gradle and such so that SquirrelJME can be built without needing to have a JVM on the host machine. This will be limited to only running and testing SquirrelJME, nothing more.

RatufaCoat (UWP Port) [0.6.0/EXTRA]

Updated Mar 27, 2021

Universal Windows Program.

JDWP Support (SpringCoat) [0.4.0]

Updated May 1, 2021

Support for JDWP initially in SpringCoat.

Better/Faster Text Rendering [0.4.0]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Implementation of better and faster text rendering.

NTT DoCoMo (i-Mode) [0.6.0]

Updated Jun 13, 2021

Support for NTT DoCoMo (i-Mode)

Memory Card Manager [0.6.0/FUTURE]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Memory Card Manager used to manage stuff needed by SquirrelJME and allow for adjustments.

RatufaCoat Accelerated Graphics [0.4.0]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Accelerated Graphics Support for RatufaCoat.

SquirrelJME SDK Plugin [EXTRA/0.6.0]

Updated Apr 29, 2021

A plugin for developing against SquirrelJME through Gradle.

Standard Applications [0.6.0]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Standard set of applications.

RatufaCoat (BREW Port) [0.8.0/EXTRA]

Updated Mar 27, 2021

A port to BREW?

DragonCoat (KaiOS)

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Port of SquirrelJME to KaiOS.

Framebuffer UI Forms [0.4.0]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Implementation of the various UI Forms on top of a basic framebuffer, this will be for when native forms are not supported for a system.

The style will emulate Mac OS Classic, with an orange/pink/blue theme.

Generic Multi-Format Graphics [0.4.0]

Updated Apr 22, 2021

Support for multiple different graphics formats and drawing for those. Will be using class templates.

The resultant of this project should result in faster drawing operations without requiring any memory (or some depending on the situation but cached).

Font Updates [0.4.0]

Updated Mar 31, 2021

Updates to fonts and otherwise.

Accelerated Graphics Support [0.4.0]

Updated Apr 22, 2021

Finishing of the accelerated graphics support for SpringCoat (and SummerCoat).

Modernized LCDUI Launcher [0.4.0]

Updated Oct 31, 2020

Modernized LCDUI, use SquirrelJME specific APIs and improve speed and handling.

Squirrel Quarrel [EXTRA]

Updated Feb 14, 2021

Squirrel Quarrel, a demo game!

Memory Profiling [EXTRA/0.8.0]

Updated Sep 8, 2020

Profiling of memory management and otherwise.

Add support for multiple languages.

Distributions and Installers [0.4.0]

Updated Sep 10, 2021

Automated building of distributions and anything related to installers.

Optional Dependency Pull-Ins [0.4.0]

Updated Sep 8, 2020

Allow optional dependencies to be pulled in as needed.

Error Code List in Gradle Task [0.4.0]

Updated Sep 8, 2020

Add a Gradle task that prints the error list to a markdown file for each module, also have it flag warnings and otherwise.

Add annotations and additional Gradle tasks for project completion rate. This can later be used in the future to gate API implementation. Of course all of the annotations will be added.

Implement FontForge conversion to SQF via a Gradle plugin and additional task.

GCF Classifications [EXTRA/0.6.0]

Updated Sep 8, 2020

For GCF support instead of having just a single project doing everything, split into modules like DIO.

RatufaCoat Refactor [0.4.0]

Updated Sep 15, 2021

A refactoring of RatufaCoat.

Access Control [EXTRA]

Updated Apr 22, 2021

Access control feature.

Mid-Level SummerCoat [0.4.0]

Updated Sep 10, 2021

Mid-Level Process of SummerCoat, implementing the LLE pieces of MLE.