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Tess is a hackable, simple, rapid and beautiful terminal for the new era of technology.


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Hackable, Simple, Rapid & Beautiful
terminal for the new era of technology.

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Check the Wiki on how to use Tess



ArchLinux: Wiki link
Debian / Ubuntu: Wiki link
Fedora / RedHat: Wiki link
Windows: Wiki link
Snap package: Wiki link
Chocolatey package: Wiki link
Winget Package: Wiki link


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Known issues

As long as Tess is in beta, many bugs may occur and some of them have not yet been fixed. Below is a list of most of them

  • Opaque selection using the DOM renderer
  • On Windows, the acrylic background has flickering effects on window resize and moving
  • Characters overflow using the font ligature with the canvas renderer


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Tess | Mozilla Public License 2.0