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Before installation

  • Python target is hard-coded to python3_5, which is the default python interpreter now. For python3_6 and higher, you need to change srain ebuilds with correct python header path in function src_prepare().
  • Live ebuild, that is srain-9999, is designed to build from upstream and help developers debug programs. If you think so, please consider srain-9999.ebuild, else just use srain-0.06.x.ebuild. In order to use live 9999 ebuild, tell portage to autounmask it by emerge --ask --verbose --autounmask-write =net-irc/srain-9999 then run dispatch-conf to update package.accept_keywords.



  • Check out srainrc.example and /etc/xdg/srain/builtin.cfg sample configuration file. You can copy and rename it to ~/.config/srain/srain.cfg , change srain.cfg as whatever you like, then (re)start srain client.

If you find any bugs or ideas, file an issue here.

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