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@SilverRainZ SilverRainZ released this
· 923 commits to master since this release
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Original changelog

  • Changed:

    • The third time of refactor ;-)
    • New command parser, for the syntax, refer to commands-syntax.
    • Changed the format of Chat log
    • The /relay command doesn't support custom delimiter, this function will
      be implemented as python plugin in the future
    • Use reStructuredText for document instead of Markdown
  • Added:

    • Message filter: mechanism for filtering message
    • Message Decorator: mechanism for changing message
    • Install script for Gentoo, thanks to @rtlanceroad !
    • New command /rignore for ignore message using regular
      expression, thanks to @ZWindL !
    • Config file support
    • Configurable log module, more convenient for developing and reporting issue
    • New Return value type, for more friendly error reporting
    • New command commands-server for IRC servers management
    • Srain home page is available at:
    • Srain help documentation is available at:
  • Removed:

    • Remove libircclient dependence
  • Improved:

    • Improve reconnection stuff: auto reconnect when ping time out
    • More accurate message mention
    • Display preview image in correct size
    • Any number of image links in message can be previewed
    • HTTP(and some other protocols) link, domain name, email address and IRC
      channel name in topic and messages can be rendered as hyper link
    • The sent message can be merged to last sent message
    • Fixed some bugs