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All composer setting should be in the composer.json file.

Initially run php composer.phar install

But as you make changes, php composer.phar update.

##Install Mongo On Mac

I'm using mongohub as the sequelPro for mongo

brew update
brew install mongodb
sudo pecl install mongo
put in your php.ini
restart apache (mac local:) sudo /usr/sbin/apachectl restart //@todo - I tried to move specific ini files and have it scan, was able to get it working on CLI, but not apache.

Assuming your homebrew setup is all good, you should be able to run mongod and start the mongo server

Type mongo to enter the mongo shell;

use admin to switch to the admin database;

Make an admin user db.addUser("theadmin", "anadminpassword")

Make a database for srcery and add a user into it.

use srcery_mongodb

db.addUser("srcery_db_user", "srcery_db_pass9889")

Create 'test_collection'


Add a random object to a test collection{ name: "monkey"});

Visit /mongotest to make sure it's all good.