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controlling flow with scala futures

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<div class="entry-content">
- This post is a continuation of <a href="/2013-01-first-steps-with-scala-futures">First steps with `futures` in Scala</a> especially if
- you're unfamiliar with <code>Futures</code> introduced in Scala 2.10.
+ If you're unfamiliar with <code>Futures</code> in Scala 2.10, check out <a href="/2013-01-first-steps-with-scala-futures">First steps with `futures` in
+ Scala</a>.
<p>Composing units of code that execute asynchronously | concurrently | in-parallel is now trivial and elegant.</p>
@@ -135,7 +135,9 @@
// Yes! :D | No :(
- <p>Like all futures, <code>promise.future</code> can only be complete once. Thus multiple asynchronous block that <code>tryComplete</code> a promise.</p>
+ <p>Like all futures, <code>promise.future</code> can only be complete once. Thus you can have multiple asynchronous block that can each
+ <code>tryComplete</code> a promise.</p>
+ <p>The first one that calls <code>tryComplete</code> is taken forward and the rest aren't.</p>
// Two asynchronous blocks `tryComplete` a promise

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